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1.12.11 Suesue

MAVALA MAVADRY 10ml/.3fl.oz.:

- Dries polish fast
- Enhances colour

After final coat of nail polish, apply one coat of MAVADRY.

MAVADRY dries your polish instantaneously and gives brilliance to your manicure. MAVADRY redusces chipping and prevent smearing and smudging. MAVADRY is a Toluenceand Formaldehyde free formula.

My aunt in Hong Kong recommend this nail polish, because I have always trouble with drying my nail polish. Every time I wake up my nails are always screwed by tracks of hair and textile.

MAVADRY saves it! It does everything it says: it dries polish in a few minutes, it enhances the colour and intensifies shine.

I don’t think it’s significant to ‘enhance the colour’. It makes just a little bit darker, and sometimes I would like to have the original colour of the polish. You have to apply evenly a generous layer. And it let my nail polish last for a very long time! About 2 or 3 weeks. It also intensifies shine. It does exactly what it says! It might take just a little bit more effort to remove it. And it isn’t expensive at all!

I bought mine in Hong Kong by SaSa for $48HKD Be sure to take the yellow one. There are other different nail polishes of this line.

My favourite topcoat and highly recommend! 5/5

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