My Beauty Diary Hyaluronic Acid Moisterizing Mask

My Beauty Diary Mask is manufactured by PPC Life Company in Taiwan. This mask is a great hit in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It promises to deliver instant skin care result right after using it. There is a wide selection of My Beauty Diary Mask that suitable for different skin types and skin concerns. This series aims at restoring damaged, dehydrated and tired look skin as well as brightening dull and uneven skin tone for young and fair look. Your beauty diary is sure to be recorded with improved looks day after day! source:

The first thing that I noticed was the very fragile thin mask. It is very easy to tear it up. But the benefits from the thinness of the mask is that it will stick very well on to your skin. And you can still do your own thing like sitting, watching series, reading etc. Compared to my Laneige masks, it will easily fall of when I like to sit up and browsing around on my laptop.

The results are amazing. This mask is full of essence with Hyaluronic Acid, which is the key for moisturised skin. My skin feels so soft, moisturised and even after the mask. The smell is also very nice.

Overall: I definitely would repurchase it!! My favourite mask at the moment! 5/5