Neutrogena deep clean and hydro boost

I’ve stopped using the Laneige renew line for a while now. Because when I was using it, I got little white bumps on my face. Especially my forehead. It was easily to remove. I can scratch or scrub to remove it. But the problem was that it came back every time and it was just so oily. So I’ve stopped using that, and used some Nivea mild cleansers that I have left at home. After a while it was gone luckily. I went to HK and bought some cheap cleanser, toner etc to try it out. And I found this line somewhere in a cheap store, where they sell all kinds of skin-hair-body-face care products cheaper then a real drug store. I was attracted to the word ‘Deep Clean’, so I bought this Neutrogena Deep Clean line.

Neutrogena Deep clean foaming cleanser
A foaming cleanser which you need just a pea size of it. Using it in combination with the Deep clean eliminating blackhead scrub, will give a fresh and a ‘deep cleaned’ feeling. Smells like citrus, orange and fresh.

Neutrogena Deep Clean blackhead eliminating daily scrub
A scrub that will starts foaming when scrubbing your face. The beeds in the scrub exfoliates the skin and leave it soft, fresh and clean. The only difference I can make in the part ‘blackhead eliminating’, is that the blackheads on my face are less black and noticeable. But they are still there and don’t go away. But the difference is really minimal.

Neutrogena Deep Clean blackhead eliminating daily scrub

A very cool toner, which leaves the skin very fresh and very clean. It might bite onto your skin a little bit, but that’s the alcohol in it. I love this toner so much.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Emulsion
This is not in the deep clean line. But this Emulsion is very popular in Hong Kong of its super moist water emulsion. I saw this product in several magazines. Make my face very hydrated, moist and soft. It feels very light on my face and absorbs fast.

Overall: I love these four products and it works really well for me. My face looks more even and soft! It prevents break outs and makes my face very moist. I believe that the cleanser, scrub and toner clean my face deeply and thorough, so I can moist it with a very good moisturiser. And it isn’t expensive at all! I would definitely repurchase it. Highly recommend! 5/5