Antwerp december 2011

I went to Antwerp last week for 3 days! It was the first time for me to go on a trip with friends. Although it isn’t really far, like 3 hours by train, but it’s still outside Holland! First day I went to a Christmas market, which it is really cosy and with a lot of stands selling food and other items. On the second day I went shopping! Antwerp is really big and pretty with all the Christmas lighting, but my priority stores were Urban Outfitters and Forever 21, which we don’t have in the Netherlands. And on the third day we went to the Zoo of Antwerp, which was really really fun! :) I wouldn’t go for another overnight trip to Antwerp again, because I think I can make it with one day shopping! :)

Black/white sweater from Urban Outfitters
Simple shirt with coloured stripes from Forever 21
Mustard cardigan from Forever 21

Skirt from Pull & Bear

Earrings from Forever 21

Sorry for the bad quality of my camera. While I was on my trip, my camera began to be a little bit defect.. Hmm maybe I need to buy a new camera..


  1. I absolutely love fruit smothered in Chocolate! The F21 earrings are gorgeous! xX

  2. @ Pink Orchids
    Thank you! ^^ The fruit smothered in chocolate are really pretty, didn't buy it though.. It was kinda expensive...


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