Laneige Star White Treatment Mask

Laneige Star White Treatment Mask
Purifiying & luminous whitening skin with S.T.A.R. White Complex
for all skin types
Highly concentrated whitening Sheet providing an intensive and rapid effect.
It is a high-concentration whitening mask containing effective whitening ingredients equal to a bottle of essence (25ml).


- Arrange face with a toner after wash.
- Open one sachet, take out two sheets an spread a folded part.
- Respectively put each sheet on upper and lower part of face along the face line.
- Remove the sheets after about ten to fifteen minutes and pat the face for remains to be absorbed.
- Apply two or three times a week.

Dermatologist Tested
25ml x 1 sheet

Originally the Laneige Star White line was my face routine a while ago. I really really liked it. And so do I like this treatment mask of the Star White line. It does a really good job in every aspect: brightening, makes skin tone more even, hydration, makes skin soft and makes my skin really relaxed when I’m stressed. The sheet is a more firmer sheet. It is not very flexible compared to the My Beauty Diary and I have a feeling that the sheet wants slide down my face when I’m sitting up. Also another point is that I have to cut the sheet by the sides of the nose to fit it perfectly (see picture where I cut by the dotted line).

+ brightening
+ makes skin tone even
+ hydration
+ makes skin soft and calm

- expensive
- need to cut the sheet for a perfect fit

Also I want to mention that the Star White line was unfortunately discontinued for a while now. But you can still find the sheet mask on Ebay, Yesstyle or maybe other online Asian skincare web shops.

Overall: I really like this mask! It does a perfect job in every aspect for my face. 5/5


  1. Great review! I've been wanting to try these sheet masks for a while but it's so hard to get it in the UK! I know you can get them online but shipping is I have plenty of other skin treatments to use up first.

    When I finish those I will definitely consider Laneige sheet masks - I've heard good things about the brand :)

    1. You should also try 'My Beauty Diaries' sheet mask! These are also very good! ^^

  2. Anonymous17.1.12

    ha the photo of mask looks so funny. was wondering if there is a toner you would suggest? I feel like they are all so expensive and there are so many out there. if you have suggestions that would be awesome!

    1. Hi laura michelle! I recommend the Nivea Freshen Up tonic and Neutrogena deep clean blackhead cooling toner. I am using both right now, and they are really good! The Nivea one is definitely a mild toner. And the Neutrogena ones is a really thorough toner. If you got dry skin I won't recommend the Neutrogena one, because that will make your skin ever more dry. I switch these toners to my mood. Both are great in getting refreshed and leaving a clean feel onto your face :)


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