Best seller Lush Soaps

I just received the newsletter of Lush by post and I want to try a lot of products of Lush after reading it!

There was a lists of best seller soaps of Lush:

1. Honey I washed the kids
A combination of honey tea and caramel

2. Porridge
With oatmeal and molasses

3. Karma
Fresh green scent

4. Sea Vegetable
Smells like seaweed, lavender and lemon.

5. Bohemian
A fresh lemon scent

6. Sultana of soap
Exotic fruit with spiced ingredients.

7. The Godmother
Smells likes bubblegum

8. Lust
With Jasmine, nuts of yiang yiang, rose, vanilla and sandalwood.

9. Dirty
With spearmint and sandalwood.

10. 13 Soap (unlucky for dirty)
With oregano oil,, honey, rose and geranium.

11. Miranda
Made with fresh organic fruits with vitamin C such as kiwis and orange.

12. Figs and leaves
A floral scent with exotic spices from the East.

13. Sexy Peel
Citrus fruits like lemon and grapefruit.

14. Rock Star
Sweet vanilla scent.

I've been really curious about Lush and the soaps! I want to try:

- Honey I washed the kids
- Porridge
- Karma
- Sea Vegetable
- Bohemian
- The Godmother

I always found Lush products kind of pricey, but I will give it a try. Most of the products are still made with organic ingredients, green and they are against animal testing. All the products are also handmade.

Which one have you tried before? What would you recommend to me? Or which one do you want to try out?


  1. Honey I Washed The Kids is to die for. I love Lush so much!

    1. haha definitely a try out then, thanks! :D


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