15.1.12 Suesue

Second time trying to make waves with my new Remington straighter that I just showed it in my haul post few days ago. Is this right? Does it looks good? I thought it would be easy, but I was wrong! I think I need to practise a lot more for this hairstyle.. It's quite difficult by turning and turning-back the straightener. But it doesn't take a long time to style it. I do think that this hairstyle looks better than my straight hair. It gives a lot more volume which I really like. Maybe I want to have a wave permanent like this. My straight hair is so boring..
Any ways, I will use the straightener a few more times, before writing a review :)

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  1. Lovely hair! It IS very difficult to create wavy hair using a straightener. I can never do it :( cute blog, btw!

    1. Haha thank you! So I do it right.. Need to practise more then hehe.. Love your blog too! Love the food pics hahaha. Btw, are you Korean? Just saw some Korean things on your blog..

  2. it looks so cute! But takes a lot of practice to master the technique! :)

    1. thank you for your comment!^^ I will try my best haha.. But scared that it will damage my hair too much..


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