Wish list spring/summer 2012

My wish list for the coming spring/summer. I need to save my money up to buy these, instead of spending it right away! ><

1. Nikon 1 J1 - €466
I really want a new good quality camera. I didn't want to buy a SLR, because those are really big and heavy to carry around. And the Nikon J1 is just perfect! SLR-qualities in a compact camera! I really want the red, black or white.

2. China Glaze Up and Away collection (Spring 2010)- ~€5/6
I especially want to buy pastel coloured nail polishes for the spring and summer! Not only I already love pastel colours, but the pastel nail polishes of China Glaze look amazing and they are very affordable!

3. ASOS Chord & Chain Bracelet - €13,98
Bright colours for the summer!

4. New Look Neutral Coloured Friendship Bracelets - €7,99
I'm looking for some really nice jewellery to complete my outfits! These bracelets are really cute!

5. New Look Opaque Oval Studs - €4,99

6. Zipia cubic collar design NC - $22
Lovely collar necklace, perfect for blouses or fancy sweaters.

7. ASOS Pastel Bunting Necklace - €13,98
Again awesome pastel colours.

8. New Look Black & Gold Collar Necklace - €9,99

9. New Look Aztec Style Necklace - €7,99

New Look online website: Jewellery & Hair Accessories Buy One Get One Free!

For this summer for me is all about cute bracelets, statement necklaces with blouses or sweaters, pastel coloured nails and take pictures of those awesome outfits with hopefully my new Nikon J1!


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