Excited: 'Upgrading' me!

Hi there!

I'm studying right now, but I'm so excited, about the recent things in my life that I want to share it with you guys.

1. I'm invited by a beauty company for a new collection launch! This is my first highlight of my blogging right now! I've never done anything related to companies and now I've been invited I'm really excited. (I've been blogging for 2 years at tumblr. Then I switched to blogspot for a few months until now. I realised this was the place for entering the beauty community).
I'm worried about my outfit. I'm looking for a perfect outfit for he event, which will be leading to a new wardrobe (point 4). And with my new job, I can also save up money for new clothing! :)

2. I was planning to buy a new camera, when the Nikon 1 J1 came in the Netherlands! So I'm going to buy that camera in white or red (colour dilemma!?!?). Hopefully I can upgrade the quality and the professionalism of my beauty and lifestyle blog. I'm also going to London in a few weeks to visit my sister for 5 days. I can't wait to play around with my new camera. Thus, I can also bring this camera to the launch of the beauty company!

3. Because of excitement of the invitation and new camera, I'm going to fitness as much as possible per week! At least 3 times a week. I hope I can get a fit and lose weight for a nice body to feel good about my life and myself.

4. Which leads me to a new wardrobe! I always wear oversized tops and sweaters for the lazy look, to cover up my torso. I'm not fat, but I'm quite broad built. But I hope by new clothing I can create another look of myself. A more polished look, with a better and fitter body which give me a more sophisticated and confident me. From outside and inside. Oh and by the way, I'm getting a haircut Saturday!

I feel I need to 'upgrade' myself by these things. I'm growing up now and I need to concentrate on my passion, dreams and academic studies. What else will be on my path?

Until next time, take care.

xoxo Suesue


  1. Congrats on the invitation! And good luck with your goals! (I think the white J1 looks nice :D)

    1. Aw thank you very much! Hehe I was also thinking about picking the white one, because I have a red polaroid hehe. Buying it this weekend :D


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