Laneige - Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel

Laneige - Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel
strawberry & yogurt extract for smooth and radiant skin
2-Step Dead Cell Care
Cellulose Peeling and Enzyme Peeling
150ML/ 5.1 FL.OZ.

I got a lot of Asian beauty products that I've purchased when I was in Hong Kong. I've never reviewed them. But since I'm trying to be active on Blogspot, I will review the products. One of them is the Langeige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel. You might have heard it before. It's a scrub, which is different than other normal scrubs. In this post I will explain why.

My Opinion

How I use this product: first I wash my face and make it dry with a towel. On a dry skin I put some of the product and massage it on my face. When gently massaging it on your face, you can feel and see the product it's going to be dry and it forms in non-liquid parts, if that makes sense. By massaging it with the product, it removes your dead skin and turn into the non-liquid parts.The parts are actually your dead skin. You might think: 'hey that's not true. Those dry parts are only the product. It's fake.' I've always tried it on my face and I feel after the scrub that my face is smoother and softer before using it. For this post I've also tried it on my hand for the first time: I've tried it three times and every time after the massaging, the product will eventually turn into dry parts. Maybe it is the product? But I noticed after the third time I over-scrubbed my hand. It became very dry and I knew it was too much. So it can be a prove that the product does work.

It is a very gentle scrub that doesn't irritate. And the smell is amazing! It smells very sweet, strawberry-yogurt like. I really like the gel-texture which makes it gentle. I do notice that my skin is smoother after use, but not very radiant as it said on the packaging. I read on the internet that you should use it on wet face, but I think it performs better on dry. But that's my opinion.

Because of my poor English of explaining how the products works, here are some pictures of me using the product on my hand (excuse my dry hand):

Overall, I really like this peeling gel. It smells nice, it's gentle and performs very good in peeling off the dead skin.

It actually comes with a Strawberry Yogurt Pack, which is a mask for after the peeling gel. I'm not sure whether to review it too. But if you are looking for a good gentle scrub, this might be something for you. See you in my next post.

xoxo Suesue