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LQ, Ichiba and my new toy.

27.4.12 Suesue

Hi guys!

Yesterday I went to meet up with my bestie Lan Quynh in Arnhem. Arnhem is for me an 1,5 hour ride, but since she moved there nearby to study, we still put a lot of effort to keep in touch.
It was a very sunny day, which was perfect for us to play with my new toy!

WARNING&DISCLAIMER: This post will be overloaded with pictures. And to let you guys know: these pictures are not photoshopped at all to give you a real view of the quality of the pictures made by the Nikon J1.

After 2,5 hours of shopping, we went looking for a sushi restaurant. As we were following google maps, we saw an awesome building and went for a mini photo shoot there. I need to say: my photography skills are not bad!

blouse Primark - skirt H&M - stockings Primark - shoes Shoeline- necklace Swarovski

Lan Quynh
blouse H&M - jacket H&M - jeans H&M - shoes Vans - necklace New Look - ring H&M

Finally we went to Ichiba!
Ichiba is a more Asian fusion restaurant. Not only its a all-you-can-eat concept, but you can also really enjoy the food. They take time and care setting the plate! Because of that and the whole vibe of the restaurant, it feels quite luxe. Besides sushi, they have Korean, Thais, Chinese and Japanese warm dishes and salads. The presentation is gorgeous and I love how they play with the colours. The food was very yummy and we took a 'Fire Ball' desert, which is a fried vanilla ice cream with fruit.

It was a super nice restaurant! For my Dutch readers, you should really check it out!

As you can see, we had a very fun and yummy day. The pictures are very sharp and from high quality. The camera is very fast, also with filming it's very fast and keep constant auto focused.

I'm falling in love with my Nikon J1.. I hope you enjoyed my yummy pictures hehe.

xoxo Suesue

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  1. Your post made me hungry! haha
    What polish are you wearing?

    1. Haha I know right! I'm wearing China Glaze's Refresh mint. :) xoxo


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