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SkinFood - Aloe Water Eye & Lip Remover

10.4.12 Suesue

SkinFood is a South-Korean beauty brand which sells skincare, haircare, body care and make-up products. They deliver complete nutrition-products to the skin trough the strict selection of foods that are good for the skin. Such as avocado, fresh milk and sturdy tomato.

SkinFood Aloe Water Eye & Lip Remover
Water-based remover with aloe ingredients to clearly remove color makeup with a cool touch.
A mild, oil-free eye and lip makeup remover for sensitive eye and lip areas.

Apply desired amount to cotton pad and gently remove make-up.

My opinion
This is also one of the products that I bought in Asia but never reviewed it. First it smells really nice. It smells like aloe but there's also a 'make-up-remover-scent'. But for the product I'm quite disappointed. I wear daily non-waterproof black liquid eye liner and mascara. Sometimes eye pencil or eye shadow. It takes a lot of effort to remove my mascara and eye liner. But after trying to remove it, there will be some make-up left under my eye, which I can't even remove it. How hard I try to remove my make-up, it doesn't really do the job. It doesn't completely remove my make-up although they claimed it. But it does feel gentle and fresh.

So overall this doesn't work for me, not even for my daily non-waterproof make up.

Quite disappointed, but read my other make up remover review if you're looking for a good oil-based one!

xoxo Suesue

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