Zoological Garden LG Optimus Black P970 in Glasses

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A few months ago my new Samsung Galaxy S was stolen. Therefore I bought a second-hand LG Optimus Black P970 from a colleague recently. I was looking for a new cover for my phone. I knew there were super cute cases for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S/S2 but the cases for other phones are just so so. Last week, I came across this super cute case for my LG! I received it yesterday and I love it!

I bought mine at Ebay for $12.99 USD (€9,73) from a South-Korean seller called: supermom28. This case called Zoological Garden. There are 6 colours in total: Pig, Rabbit, Cone Hat, Glasses, Cat and Bear. For the LG Optimus Black P970, you can only choose the Jelly type (although they say in the item description that you can choose from Hard and Jelly type. Maybe the hard type was sold out).

Mine colour is Glasses in Jelly type.

I paid mine on 21 March, and they shipped it the next day. On the same day I also got a nice message from the seller about the shipping information and that I can message them if something goes wrong and that they are willing to solve any problem with me. I don't know the exact date that the package came in, but I picked up mine yesterday on 31 March. So it means the shipping was less than 10 days (from South-Korea to the Netherlands), which is a great plus!

As for the product I'm also very happy with it. I didn't except the quality be that good. The jelly/plastic is quite hard and sturdy yet flexible. It's easy to apply and it doesn't easily come off. The case is really pretty and shiny and the print is matte. It also fits perfectly. I'm happy with the case, because with the case my phone is more sturdy and I like holding it all the time hehe.

This is a new one, so I have no idea if the case will easily be dirty/yellowy in the future. What I want to point out, is the thin jelly strip of the case at the side of the volume up/down button. Because the strip is thin, it gets a little bit loose when I hold my phone with two hands. But overall I really like it.

Coincidently my earphones also match my phone case pretty good! hehe (my earphones are from Sony and I bought it in a electronic store called Media Markt)

(credits: supermom28@Ebay)

They have more cute phone cases in their store. The Zoological Garden is also available in other phones. You really should check it out. Click here for the LG phone case. :)

(I bought this case myself and don't have any affiliation with the seller. I am truly happy with the product and want it to share it with you guys)


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