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Beauty With Heart
The Body Shop believes that true beauty comes from your heart. For them beauty is more than looking good, it's also about feeling good. And to do good. They make their products with love and care. They use high quality natural ingredients and they aim for fair trade and are against animal-testing.

The Body Shop has launched 'Beauty With Heart' yesterday, a new fresh approach towards consumers from the coming generation to get inspired by a new experience by beauty. With her products and her unique philosophy, The Body Shop wants to stimulate people to show their most beautiful side and to do what their heart aims for.

They express their values in:

The products are based on the powder of the nature, plenty of top quality ingredients, which are innovative and effective.
The rich texture of the products are benevolent for the skin because the products are coming from a brand that loves and cares people and protects the environment and animals.  
To get inspired by others to help protect the environment and animals via campaigns by the Community Fair Trade programme.

Beauty With Heart comes with a renovating concept in stores, called 'Pulse' and is supported by the new ambassadress of The Body Shop, Lily Cole. She incorporates with the values of The Body Shop and becomes the face of inspired young activists.

Since today 15 May,  Pulse is the place where Beauty With Heart comes alive. Such as story selling tables, high quality ingredients, community and values wall, energy-efficiency, wood for good, transaction card and free make overs are available in stores. 

Celebrate the new look
Not only the stores, but also the famous Body Butters got a new look! The new packaging looks really cute!

The new beauty sensation: Beautifying Oils
A new product with three kinds of  nut oils for body, face and hair by The Body Shop. It claims to be an intensive care, to let your skin feels smooth and soft and to give shine to your hair.

 Lily Cole's Cruelty-Free Make-Up Limited Edition
 A collaboration by The Body Shop and Lily Cole which will be in stores from 11 June.

from left to right:
- Mini Hi-Shine Treatment - 7.00 / 6ml, in the colours Go Pink, Go Wild, Go Play and Go Naked.
- Puff on Radiance -  € 18.00 / 25 gr
- Lip & Cheek Dome - € 9.00 / 8ml, in the colours Pinch Me Pink and Crazy for Coral
- Pearl Radiance Primer - € 19.00 / 30ml
- Liquid Eyeliner - € 10.00 / 3ml
- Shimmer Cubes - € 22.00 / 4 cubes

I really want to try the Pearl Radiance Primer! 

Beauty With Heart Launch Party
As you already can guess, the beauty company that I was invited to go  to their beauty event on Monday 14 May was The Body Shop! Since it was my first beauty event ever, I was really nervous and didn't know what to expect. The location was in Strand Zuid, Amsterdam, which is kind off a restaurant/cafe on the beach.  My silly thing to go there too early, so I sat for a while, while the staff were setting it up. When there was more people coming and I was still sitting awkwardly outside, a nice staff invited me to go in and told me that there was a Look Good section, where people can get a make-over or make up advice, a Feel Good section where people can get a hand massage and getting introduced by the new packaging of Body Butters and the Beautifying Oils and a Do Good section, where you can sign the petition against animal testing. There was also an international make up artist Chase Aston, to give a demonstration of the Lily Cole's new make up collection and give make-up advice. During the afternoon, people were served with food and drinks and invited guests can enjoy the information, advice and the experiences.

The nice staff that invited me in was actually the CEO of the The Body Shop Benelux, if I'm not wrong. I felt really honoured to meet her! All the staff were so nice and I felt really comfortable despite I didn't know anyone. They were also very kind to give me some full size products to test it out, which was really cool! I love the bag that they gave it to everyone to put their stuff in. I've seen products from their skincare lines to body butters to beautifying oils to the new Lily Cole's Cruelty-free make-up line. I also met one Dutch blogger which was Roos from Influence. She is a Dutch blogger for almost 2 years now. She told me that there was actually a few big Dutch bloggers on the event. But I actually don't know any of them, because I mainly follow American or British bloggers. Now I feel like I want to know more about the Dutch bloggers!

My outfit of the day: white blouse H&M, mustard vests with holes Forever 21, necklace New Look, belt Primark, black jeans H&M.
Some Dutch landscape - sitting in the bus towards the beauty event
The location of the beauty event

staff and Chase Aston getting ready for the group picture

With the international make-up artist Chase Aston, choosing shimmer cubes eyeshadow
Chase Aston and me

Demonstration by Chase Aston

Hand massage
I've signed the petition!

the CEO of The Body Shop Benelux :)

Goodie bag
Time for the goodie bag! Everyone got a canvas The Body Shop bag with a print of the flag of England at the entrance. The staff were so nice to give products out to guests for them to try out. Like I said, I've never been to a beauty event, I was pretty surprised when the staff gave me couple of products! The bag is pretty cute too as you can see in the picture above!

- 4 Body Butters in Moringa, Shea, Coconut and Mango. Honestly, I've never used Body Butters.. Such a nice opportunity to try them out!
- 2 Shimmer Cubes Eye shadow, composed by Chase Aston. I got a blue/edgy one and a romantic one. I told him that I don't want neutrals, because I already have neutrals at home and I thought it would be nice if I got some other cool colours to play with. 
- Sweet lemon Hand Cleanse Gel
- Beautifying Oil in Moringa. Smells AMAZING!!
- Sample Vitamin E Moisture Cream
- Vega Magazine
- Press report Beauty With Heart
- €10 Gift card
- Information cards about the products

 It was such a great experience and I felt really honoured to get invited by The Body Shop and meet the lovely staff and see Chase Aston to do a demonstration. The location was beautiful and I'm thankful for the goodie bag. I was totally hyped up on my way back haha!

Also I'm very proud of myself actually, because I've never really accomplished something with blogging/life. This beauty event motivates me and makes me really happy. It gives me an opportunity to realise what I really like in life and my study. I hope I can combine marketing and beauty with university and work in the future..

Anyways, I hope you've enjoyed my post. Have a great week! 

xoxo Suesue 

Disclaimer: I'm not paid to do any reviews or blogsposts about The Body Shop Beauty With Heart or their products.All opinions expressed on my blog are my personal judgements.