London May 2012 part 1

What, London?! Yes I've been to London last weekend! I didn't tell beforehand because of privacy reasons. But I'm back in town now, and London was amazing! It's my fourth time visiting my sister in London. She works and lives there. Last three times was in winter or autumn, and now I decided to go in Spring, the weather was unfortunately bad again in that week.

Anyways this is my summary of my London trip:
On the first day I went shopping at Oxford Street and Regent Street, on the second day my sister and I went to Nothing Hill, the antique market. On the next day she brought me to Brick Lane and nearby cute markets. Monday we went to Bicester Village, which is an outlet, an hour from London. On Tuesday I went to Camellia's Tea House for their famous Cream Tea. Which includes two scones with cream and jam and a pot tea of your choice. I also went to Hampstead to eat the famous crepes and later on I went to Hampstead Heath for their amazing park. On my last day I just chilled at my sister's home and packed in.

I miss and love my sister, and I'm also loving my new purchases!

Here are the pictures:

London May 2012 part 2 will be up soon, which will be my haul!

xoxo Suesue


  1. looks like a lot of delicious food and good weather. bimbimbap. yum. your makeup looks nice here too

    1. Aww thank you very much! Yes indeed, I had a lot of delicious food! hehehe :D


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