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Yesterday was the The Body Shop Make-over Party in the Netherlands. I've blogged about this in my previous posts in Dutch, at last it was a Dutch event at different stores in the Netherlands. This event was from 17:00 till 20:00. I went to The Body Shop store with two other friends Hiltung and Jillian in Alphen a/d Rijn, which is where I live. It was like I invaded that store for one hour, took some pictures, let my friends buy some stuff and we were gone. Haha, I feel a little bit sorry for the sales assistants and manager. But I couldn't stay longer because I had to work at 6. I've already known the manager of the store in my town at the Beauty with Heart event. She is such a lovely and friendly person. It was also nice to came by and to say hi.

Because we were so early there wasn't really a lot of people yet.. But see pictures below: the assortment of store, new products, me and my friends and three nice girls who were also at the event! My friends spend like €50 or so! I also can't wait to buy TBS products, for example the liquid highlighter, bronzer (see picture) and foundation etc etc etc!

Visit their website to shop online and 

get 20% off for their selected products!


  1. oooo everything looks so pretty. must find body shop near me only to go and sigh and not be able to get anything. must get job hehe.


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