Sophie time

Last Thursday I met Sophie in Breda. We were classmates in university, but she dropped out of school after a couple of months, but we still keep contact. First we had lunch and shared a salmon salad. After the lunch we went shopping and I bought a top at Zara, two L'Oreal make up removers and Philosophy Hope in a Jar. For dinner we went to Sumo, which is an all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant. Our bellies almost exploded after eating and we had to sit for an hour to feel normal again haha.
Sophie is the most goofiest friend I've ever seen! She's such a cutie and I'm glad she's my friend.

H&M top - Forever 21 cardigan, H&M shorts, Bershka belt, Converse shoes, The Body Shop Cool Britannia canvas bag

Mango dress, Primark sandals, Zara bag

Have a great weekend!

xoxo Suesue


  1. wow! your outfit looks very good! the food looks so yumyum :) i read the other post and i find it very interesting and good! now i am a new follower <3


    1. Hi dear!
      Thank you so much for the sweet comment and thanks for following! <3


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