The Body Shop - Moringa Body Butter

The Body Shop - Moringa Body Butter
24h Body  moisturiser with moringa seeds oil for dry skin.
With cold-pressed moringa seed oil from hand-picked moringa pods.
200ml, 6.75 OZ (192g) 

My opinion
I am probably one of the few people that hasn't tried the most famous product of The Body Shop yet until now. The Body Butter comes in all kinds of scents, such as Lemon, Shea Body, Strawberry, Cocao Butter, Chocomania, Coconut and more. They also have a new variant of the Body Butter, which is the Body Butter Duo, which contains a body butter and a body lotion in one packaging. Going along with their new re-branding "Beauty With Heart", they repackaged a few Body Butters. For example the selected ones has a matte jar packaging, which is for a better grip. There are new labels and overall the jar has less text. 

Last month I was invited by The Body Shop to go to their Beauty With Heart launch party. At the event we received some goodies, which the Moringa Body Butter was one of them. So I've tried this Body Butter for nearly 3/4 weeks now and I really love it. I've always neglected my body to care of. Therefore I have very dry legs in particular. I'm using it for 3 weeks now and I can say that my skin is hydrated and soft for 24 hours after applying. But on the day after, my skin feels a bit dry and I know it's time to apply again.

I find the jar very convenient and the strong, flowery scent makes me enjoy applying it. And I can't resist smelling it too.The Body Butter is quite thick and buttery, but it's easy to smear it out. It depends on how much you apply for it to dry. Normally it dries in 15 minutes, but I will still have a little bit of a sticky feeling, which I really despite. But after 30 minutes it should be completely dry. I only apply body butter at night after shower, before going to sleep.

Overall I really like it, the only thing that I don't like is the price. It's not cheap: one Body Butter jar costs €15.

Disclaimer: this product was one of the free goodies that I received at the event. For more information, please read my DISCLAIMER