Bermuda Breakaway China Glaze

China Glaze - Bermuda Breakaway, Rose Tea, Re-Fresh Mint and Sweet Hook swatches

4.6.12 Suesue

My first China Glaze nail polishes ever! I've always wanted to buy lots of OPI nail polishes, but I find them too pricey so I looked for a cheaper ones: China Glaze. They were about €6 each inclusive shipping for 14ml (OPI ~ €12 for 15ml) I am really happy with the big range of colours and the formula. The formula is very opaque and not too thick; easy to apply and it dries pretty quickly. At first I didn't really like the thin brush, but when I'm using it more, I'll get used to it.

I can't really tell anything bad about these nail polishes.. Re-Fresh Mint and Sweet Hook are thicker, but that's the cream finish I think. I find China Glaze and OPI pretty similar. I'm just in love and pleased with these nail polishes. These are really OPI dupes for me! I bought mine at Ebay.

Overall, great range of colours, very affordable, easy to work with and very opaque!
Do you also own China Glaze polishes? What's your favourite colour?

xoxo Suesue

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