La Cubanita, Jet & Lao part 1

This week I went to La Cubanita with two friends of mine, Jet and Lao. La Cubanita is an all-you-can-eat tapas bar from Monday till Thursday in Alphen a/d Rijn. I've eaten tapas twice in my whole life and both weren't really successful. Once I didn't like the taste of it and once a lot of dishes were too salty.
But surprisingly this bar was really really delicious! You can order per person per round two dishes from cold to warm to meat to vegetable tapas. And there was no time requirement, which means you can order and sit as long as you like! It is bar, so it is very nice to sit and have a drink, without the feeling of ordering and eating fast. Customers can write or draw something on the wall of the whole restaurant, which give it a really cool and relaxing atmosphere. 

Obviously we ate more than that haha! Oh my god, I'm getting hungry when I see these pictures.. Going to visit this tapas bar soon! 

Part 2 coming up, with more picture of my crazy friends and me. Stay tuned!