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My ear piercings and a new helix piercing

30.6.12 Suesue

Hi guys! These are my ear-piercings. But I also got a new ear piercing! The helix piercing is on the second picture on the upper left side of my ear. I really wanted for a long time, but couldn't do it because I haven't asked my internship mentor if ear-piercing were okay. A few days agoday I went to the company to complete the contracts and got the permission. On the same day I went with my boyfriend to get my (last) ear-piercing in The Hague.

What do you think? Do you also have piercings? What do you think of piercings in general? I personally love ear-piercings, but I wouldn't pierce other parts of my body.
left picture, left ear: 
- 3 x lobe earrings: from left to right: Oliver Bonas silver ribbon studs - 2 x 1.2mm crystal piercings green and black from All Over Piercings
-  Conch piercing: 1.6mm diamond star in silver from All Over Piercings
right picture, right ear:
- lobe earring: Oliver Bonas silver ribbon studs
- tragus piercing: 1.2mm crystal piercing light blue from All Over Piercings
- helix piercing: 1.2mm jewellery from the piercing shop

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  1. That's so many piercings O: They look lovely though!


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