My list of watched Asian dramas, movies and variety programmes

Hi guys!

Today a non-beauty post about my list of watched Asian dramas, movies and variety programmes. Most Asian people can probably share this addiction with me. In Asia dramas/series are very popular. There's nothing much on Hong Kong TV besides some household programmes, daily news and dramas. Besides, the rave and popularity about actors/actresses and singers is very big. And I think it's the same for other Asian countries.

Nowadays, the Asian culture is beginning to influence western countries. Especially K-pop bands such as Girls Generation and Big Bang gives concerts all over the world.  Not only the music, but also Asian food and the looks are moving to the western side. I personally also listen mostly to K-pop. Although I can't fully understand what they're saying, I just love the pop, jazz and ballad music. And I love Korean and Japanese food too!

When I was a little kid, I always watched TVB Cantonese dramas along with my parents. Eventually I started to watch Asian dramas online by myself and so I discovered a lot of other dramas. Therefore I also tried watching Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean dramas
The addiction to watch dramas have kept me from outdoors actually. I spent hours and hours to watch dramas: right after school when I came home around 2pm, I would watch Asian dramas straight to10pm. You could say I have no life haha.

Why would you spend 8 hours a day to watch all those things? What's so enjoyable? In my case, it was my escape of reality and time of relaxation. But I honestly really enjoyed watching dramas. The story lines in Asian dramas are typical stereotypic. It's always about love: first hate-hate relationship between a girl and boy, and after some time they are happily in love. Or about a couple which later they found out that one has a incurable sickness. So even it's the same storyline am I watching it over and over again? Yes, because I'm a stereotypical girl. I just love to watch those cheesy things. Who wouldn't dream about their charming prince on their age of 15? And most important: I love watching nice men hahaha.

I've watched a lot of dramas now, and I can tell the differences between Cantonese, Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean dramas. I find that Cantonese dramas is mostly about family and making the storyline very realistic. About jealousy, money, status, rich-poor relation. Or about crimes and police. And a bit of love. Most Cantonese dramas are around the 20~30 episodes.
Some Taiwanese dramas are mostly about love and cuteness of girls which are hardly realistic. And some are more realistic, with a more depth story line.Taiwanese dramas are around 16 episodes.
Japanese dramas are very unrealistic, but with a more depth storyline and with a moral. A Japanese dramas is compared to others very short, around 10 episodes. It's quick, but you can easily follow the story line. At every end of an episodes it will make you want to watch further and further. Or some Japanese dramas can be very sad too. Popular ones are about a group teenagers facing some problems together.
Korean dramas are mostly about love. Most of them are quite unrealistic but they are innovative with stories. These dramas can be long-winded and you just have to push yourself to watch it in the beginning. These are also around the 16 episodes. Some are really long like 60 or 100+ episodes.

Well what's my favourite then? My favourites are Korean dramas. I love their fiction story lines and love how you really can imagine in the personage's moments. I also love their language and I'm trying to learn more by watching dramas. I must say that one of my favourite actor is Yoon Sang Hyun and actress is Yoon Eun Hye. Just love their acting, it's really good! I also learned Mandarin by watching Taiwanese dramas actually. But let me show you my favourite Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese dramas. I don't have a favourite for Cantonese dramas, because I find them all the same.

My favourite dramas
Korean dramas: 
- Goong
- My girl
- Take care of young Lady
- He who can't get marry
- Lie to me
- City Hunter

Taiwanese dramas: 
- It Started with a Kiss
- Mars
- Meteor Garden
- Fated to love you

Japanese dramas: 
- Hana Yori Dango
- Koizora
- Lair Game

I don't really watch a lot of Asian movies, but I will still list what I've watched below.

As for variety programmes I love and watch Korean ones the most. Especially Running Man. I recommend this variety programme to everyone! I'm so addicted to it because it's so exciting and funny. This show has a group of permanent members which are having challenges every week. And almost every week there will be a guest. The challenges are a surprise every week! They always comes with something new. And with the image/role every member has, makes it even more interesting and funnier to watch! They are reaching their 100th episodes now. It's so famous that they've even been recording in Thailand and Hong Kong! Another favourite of mine is Family Outing! I love those two so much that I've watched it over and over again!

This is my list of watched Asian dramas, movies and variety programmes
Asian dramas:
1. the ultimate crime fighter
2. under the canopy of love
3. the biter bitten
4. a pillow case of mystery
5. bar bender
6. The Dance of Passion
7. Forensic Heroes
8. Love Guaranteed
9. C.I.B. Files
10. To Grow with Love
11. Dicey Business
12. Au Revoir Shanghai
13. Face to Fate
14. ten brothers
15. war and destiny
16. steps
17. men don't cry
18. dicey buisiniess
19. best bet
20. on the first beat
21. the ultimate crime fighter
22. kungfu soccer
23. lost in the chamber of love
24. The G√Ęteau Affairs
25. always ready
26. women on the run
27. twin of brothers
28. virtues of harmony
29. virtues of harmony 2
30. angels of mission
31. war and beauty
32. split second
33. the last breaktrough
34. sunshine heartbeat
35. survivor's law
36. triumph in the skies
37. eternal happiness
38. street fighters
39. Yummy Yummy
40. The Academy
41. Wars of In-laws
42. Life Made Simple
43. When Rules Turn Loose
44. Jewel in the Palace
45. stairway to heaven
46. It started with a Kiss
47. love contract
48. devil beside you
49. tree of heaven
50. hana kimi [tw]
51. tokyo juliet
52. meteor garden
53. meteor garden 2
54. hana yori dango
55. hana yori dango 2
56. princess hours (2x)
57. smiling pasta
58. the prince who turns into a frog
59. sad love story
60. spring waltz
61. the magicians of love
62. autumn tale
63. the snow queen
64. full house
65. my girl (2x)
66. 1 litre of tears
67. why why love
68. the vineyard man
69. coffee prince
70. romantic princess
71. delightfull girl choon-hyang
72. reaching for the stars
73. my lovely sam soon
74. hello! miss
75. hanazakari no kimi kachi e
76. hotaru no hikari
77. silence
78. sweet 18
79. corner with love
80. wonderfull life
81. my sister in law is 19
82. mars (2x)
83. first kiss
84. my lucky star
85. wich star are you from ?
86. bull fighting
87. brown sugar macchiato
88. fated to love you
89. It started with a Kiss 2
90. absolute boyfriend
91. hot shot
92. nobuta wo produce
93. i'm sorry, but i love you
94. nodame cantabile
95. beethoven virus
96. wish to see you again
97. Mei Chan no shitsuji
98. Boys before flowers
99. Koizora
100. sweet relationship
101. E.U.
102. Glass Slippers
103. My Queen
104. East of Eden
105. Atashinchi no Danshi
106. Black and White
107. Shining Inheritance
108. Take care of young Lady
109. Winter Sonata
110. A bride for a Ride
111. You're Beautiful
112. He who can't get marry
113. Cinderella Man
114. IRIS
115. Goong S
116. Love Marriage
117. Will it snow for Christmas?
118. When lanes merge
119. Your class or mine?
120. Ghost Writer
121. Queen of Housewives
122. A Pillow Case of Mystery 2
123. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
124. King of Baking: Kim Tak Gu
125. Mary stayed out night
126. Secret Garden
127. My Princess
128. Dream High
129. Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
130. 49 Days
131. Personal Preference
132. Lie to Me
133. Playful Kiss
134. City Hunter
135. Heart Strings
136. Can't Lose
137. Protect the Boss
138. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
139. Ouran High School Host Club
140. Prosecutor Princess
141. Liar Game

Asian movies:
1. 200 pounds of beauty
2. my little bride
3. secret
4. dragon loaded
5. dragon reloaded
6. baby and me
7. koizora
8. a sad story sadder than sadness
9. Rob-b-hood
10. Heavenly forest
11. My Sassy Girl
12. On his Majesty service
13. Laughing Gor turning point
14. Love, so define
15. Shaolin Soccer
16. Twinseffect
17. Twinseffect 2
18. Kungfu Hustle
19. The deatch Curse
20. Kungfu Dunk
21. Lavender
22. Dummy Mommy, without a Baby
23. My wife is 18
24. Diva. Ah Hey
25. New Police Story
26. Love Undercover
27. Love Undercover 2
28. Love Undercover 3
29. CJ7
30. House of Fury
31. I give my first love to you
32. A millionaire's first love
33. Hello Schoolgirl
34. White Night
35. Someone Special
36. 72 Tenants of Prosperity

1. Family Outing
2. Family Outing 2
3. We Got Married Yongseo Couple
4. We Got Married Adam Couple
5. We Got Married
6. Running Man 

Note: I didn't really care for the movies and variety programmes. But I did always keep my drama list updated. 

For online streaming dramas and movies: 
For Running Man and other Korean variety programmes:
- (for Running Man and Family Outing only)

Currently I am watching Liar Game Season 2. I hope you enjoyed this post! And I love to hear your drama recommendations!

xoxo Suesue
Korean drama: My Girl (image credit: 

Korean drama: Take care of Young Lady (image credit:

 Korean drama: City Hunter (image credit:

Taiwanese drama: It Started With a Kiss (image credit:

Taiwanese drama: Mars (image credit:

Japanese drama: Hana Yori Dango (image credit:

Japanese drama: Liar Game (image credit:

Korean variety: Family Outing (image credit:

Korean variety: Running Man (image credit:


  1. Great recommendations Suesue! Korean dramas are my favorite too. I watch Taiwanese dramas a lot as well, but not nearly as much as the Korean ones. It Started with a Kiss is one of my favorites! I also really like the Korean version (Playful Kiss) with Kim Hyun Joong <3333

    200lb Beauty is probably the best Asian movie I've ever seen. I've seen it 3 times already lol. Even my bf, who thinks all the dramas I watch are cheesy, loved the movie.

    Some of my all time favorite dramas are: Full House, You're Beautiful, Devil Beside You, Hana Kimi (Taiwan version), Boys Over Flowers, Secret Garden, Playful Kiss, and Heartstrings :D

    1. Have you watched Baby and I? It's a super good movie!
      I love Secret Garden too! It's so funny how the blue jacket became such a popular thing in Korea haha :P

  2. I`m addicted to Korean dramas! I`m thinking of watching some Taiwanese as well, I`ve heard they`re quite good. xx

    1. Haha thanks for sharing the addiction! :D You really should, it's quite interesting.. But I went back to Korean dramas haha :D

  3. AHHH i love this post!

    I need to check some of these out! I love watching these dramas, they are really my secret guilty pleasure! the only problem being that if i let myself, ill watch these all day! >.<

    Natali xox

    1. Ieeek I feel you ><".. Let me know what you think of my favourites after watching! :D

  4. Ohmygosh where did you watch Wars of In Laws?! I can't seem to find it anywhere and I'm dying because I remember it was my favorite childhood show! PS I like your blog :D

    1. and I was talking about the first Wars of In Laws btw! :) If you know, that'd be a great help! Thanks! :')


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