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New Sueii92 header!

14.6.12 Suesue

Hi guys!

You might have noticed it already, but I got a new header! I originally wanted to make business cards and asked my friend Sioe Jeng, who studied Graphic Design, to design my concept. After a few tries my boyfriend thought of this concept, and Sioe Jeng designed it just perfectly for me! The tree with the hat flying in the wind means actually freedom and happpiness, which is very personal for me. To be happy, passionate and do what I want is my biggest dream in my life. Don't let others teach you how to live your life, it's yours and take it. Live the life you've dreamed.

The design is very simple and subtle. I hope that the little changes makes my blog more professional. She also designed my business cards, but I will show them eventually on my blog if I got them printed.

For now, please check out Sioe Jeng's blog. Maybe she can help you too for designing!

xoxo Suesue

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  1. hi, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog ^^ and yeaaa, I like your header, it looks simple yet so gorgeous and fresh~

    1. Hi! Thank you for visiting and the comment! I like your blog, you have a lot of deep reviews! xoxo

  2. She did a great job with the banner! I like simple and clean designs. Honestly I think they make a blog look more professional than a fancy, complicated design :)

    1. Aw thank you! :) I like your blog btw! :D


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