Unboxing Clarisonic Mia2 in Coral (Limited Edition) and Freshwatervalley.com review

Hi guys!

After 1 month of waiting I received my Clarisonic Mia2 finally. I bought this pretty thing from Fresh Water Valley, which is an online shop for home spa products. In this post I want to show you the unboxing of the Clarisonic Mia2 and about the experience I have with the online store where I bought from. Clarisonic is basically an electronic skin cleansing brush and it's supposed to make your skin better. It's very popular in America and it's recommend by skincare professionals. Let me tell you about my experience with the online shop first.

They sell both the Clarisonic Mia1 and Mia2. They also sell Clarisonic Mia Pro and Mia2 Acne. The Mia1 is available in different colours such as yellow, light green and lavender. They sell it for €133,95 excl. shipping*. The availability of Mia2 is on the other hand limited. They have only sold the white and the pink one first. The price of Mia2 is € 149,95 excl. shipping*. The difference between Mia1 and Mia2 is that Mia 2 has two speeds instead of 1, two-year warranty instead of one and it comes with a protective travel case. If you want more information about the Clarisonic Mia2, please see images below!

On Thursday 10 May I ordered the Clarisonic Mia2 in pink. Although they say on their site that they send the packages every Monday (ordered before or on Sunday) and Thursday (ordered before or on Wednesday) I asked them if they could send it out on the same day, since I didn't had patience to wait for it. On their website it stated that they have a couple of Mia2 in stock, that's why I thought they could make an exception to send it right away. Short after I got an e-mail:
"The new Mia's are on their way. We expect to receive it next week. We will put a small gift as a thank you for your patience." (10 May)
Three days later I received an e-mail from the owner:
"Surprisingly the Clarisonic Mia2's in colour pink isn't in stock this time. We did ordered that one! And you are waiting a while for that item. That's why we want to apologize for the delay. It takes two weeks again before we can send you the pink Mia2. We can offer you a deal. We can give you this week 4 options: 
1. - A pink Mia1 with 2 extra brush heads (it saves you €19,95); 
2. - A pink PRO for Face and Body with a €15 discount (you will pay €15 extra instead of €30); 
3. - A white Mia2 of the Clarifying Acne Collection (this item is originally €169,95, and you have paid €149,95, so you will get €20 discount.);
4. - Wait 2 weeks for the pink Mia2 with a free extra brush head as a thank you for your patience (discount: €19,95).
We hope that this is a nice offer for you!" (14 May)
That's very nice of them right?! So I replied immediately and I chose for option 4. I really want the Mia2 in pink. Although I have to wait 2 weeks more, I'm quite happy with the extra brush. So I've waited for a while without any results and send an e-mail on 16 July again to ask why I haven't receive the Mia2 yet. So I got a reply on the same day:
"We are aware and very sorry that you have to wait for your Clarisonic Mia2 for 3 weeks now. Luckily we will  be receiving the stock tomorrow. We will send the package on Monday 17 June with a gift as a thank you. Which type of brush head do you prefer? You can chose from: Deep Clean, Acne, Sensitive, Delicate and Normal." (7 June) 
So I chose Delicate, which is for rosacea. I do have a bit of rosacea, which is redness on your face. I also viewed their website again and I saw that they have the Mia2 in Coral in stock! I asked the owner if I could change my pink into a coral one. I got a confirmation the same day about the Mia2 in Coral and the Delicate brush. 
I've finally got my package on Wednesday (13 June). 
I had to wait for a whole month, but I'm quite satisfied how they handled the problem. Gifts can cheer me up from waiting. They replied very fast to my e-mails and I'm happy how they've dealt with the problem. I also liked that they informed me well about the supplier and stock. The service is great! What I don't like is that they don't update the stock information on their website (very often), like I experienced. And they  have a limited Clarisonic stock too badly*. But I guess they are the only Clarisonic seller in the Netherlands, so I'm happy that they do carry it. 
Now let's see what my package contains! 

So as you can see the most information and details about the Clarisonic Mia2 can be read in the images. I also got a Carmex lip balm together with the extra brush head as a gift. The package includes an adapter for in the Netherlands. The true colour of this Coral Mia2 is more on the pink and salmon colour.I actually didn't know that this colour is a limited edition, which I like it even more! I've just use this twice, so I can't give any reviews yet. But I can tell after using my skin feels really clean compared washing with hands. And I get less bumps on my face.  
That's it! I hope this post was useful and I will be doing a review in couple of weeks/months about the Clarisonic Mia2.

xoxo Suesue

Note: *The stock and prices of Fresh Water Valley products may vary.
I am not affiliated with Fresh Water Valley in any way. I bought the Clarisosnic Mia2 with my own money.