Friday update

Hi guys!

I'm pretty lazy and couch-potato'ing for the last 2 weeks. My last exams has ended, which also means my second year has ended and summer holiday started! No plans for this holiday though, because I decided to work as much as I can. I also want to rest a lot and charge myself up for the coming 5 months internship at The Body Shop starting from September! I'm so excited to do their PR and Marketing. I'm even shopping a little bit for formal clothing for the internship hehe. Will keep you guys updated!

As you may have noticed my lack of posts, it is also duo to laziness and no inspiration. It also takes time for me to try products out and see what I really think of them before I write about it. I will not review a product after only 2 times of testing, but I will try them thoroughly and see what the effect are after couple weeks of use. 

In the meantime, dramas got me back! Currently I'm watching The Moon That Embraces the Sun. Just started with watching, so have no idea if it's a good drama. I finished K-drama Love Rain, but I really don't like that drama. The last couple of episodes were really boring and dull, can't believe it's in the popular list. And of course I'm still watching Running Man.

While reading the blog of Michelle Phan her Close Up & Personal posts Daily Randoms and My Must-Haves, I also want to answer these personal question! Here we go:

Daily Randoms

1.  First thing you do in the morning?
- Check the time.
2.  One quote that you live your life by?
- Don't let others teach you how to live your life, it's yours and take it. Live the life you've dreamed.
3.  What does your last text message say?
- Talking with my friend Andrew how lazy we are in the holiday lol.

My Must-Haves

1. If you could only wear 3 products, what would the be? 
- BB cream, eye liner and mascara.
2. One thing in your closet you can't live without?
- Black skinny jeans. Work, casual or formal? Everything's possible with skinny jeans! My legs look also slimmer in black.
3. One thing in your kitchen you can't live without?
- Food! Lately I've been eating like a pig.. Which I don't mind! I love food gheghe!

Let me know your answers too and have a great holiday for now! Need to prepare for work now hehe..