Vichy - Aqualia Antitiox

Hi guys! As you may have noticed I've been MIA for quite a while, due summer holiday, laziness and some personal issues. I'm so sorry if you've missed me (probably not). I wanted a break from blogging and enjoy my 'Everyday-I-don't-feel-like-doing-anything'. I also wanted to recharge myself before I start my internship at The Body Shop HQ and my study. Since I've already begun with school and my first day tomorrow at The Body Shop, I also want to go on my blog! So here's my review about my daily face moisturizer.
Vichy Aqualia Antiox
Pro-youth Deoxidising 24Hr hydrating Cream
with Vichy thermal spa water - hypo-allergenic
Parabeen Free - SPF15 UVA +++

The Aqualia Antiox contains Citrus Polyphenol, Vitamins C and E, which is a powerful combination of antioxidants proven to protect skins stem's cells, the source of fresh skin. It claims for an instant radiance skin, a refreshed complexion and 24 hours hydration.

My opinion
My mother came in my room with this cream to let me try. I didn't really expect much because I know I'm quite sensitive for face moisturizers. After my first usage I was quite surprised that it didn't break me out, so I've been using it for 2 months or so. The first thing that I noticed was that my skin is very hydrated the whole day after applying. After couple of weeks I also noticed that some of my redness on my face were gone too. It seems that this light pink cream relaxes and calms my face. Unfortunately it didn't do much for my pigmentation spots, but it does give me a refreshed and an even skin-toned face in the morning. It doesn't dry very fast though, because it goes a bit thick and therefore it leaves me a thin greasy layer. This cream has a light strange scent of orange, which it didn't really bother me.

Overall I'm really loving it, especially because of the SPF15 UVA +++. Sun protection is very important and moisturizers with SPF is very convenient!