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The Body Shop Xmas Bloggersevent Antwerp

17.11.12 Suesue

Hi again!

Today I want to post some pictures of The Body Shop Xmas Bloggersevent in Antwerp, where they presented their Christmas Collection 2012. I already made a post about their release here. Again, this collection exists of Seasonal Bath & Body (based on 3 Chrismassy scents:Vanilla Bliss, Cranberry Joy & Ginger Sparkle), Wintertrend and Xmas Gifts.

 Before the event: briefing by Nancy. 

 Cocktails, me & Nancy

The most important item: the Christmas tree! 

 Overall appearance: very cosy!

 My masterpiece of the reindeer all over the bays.

 Lovely gifts 

 Our funny cocktail man, with his assistant.

 Vanilla Bliss and the 3 Reed Diffusers

 Ginger Sparkle collection

 Our precious Schoolhouse Gift, which the little box is made by GPI (Get Paper Industries). GPI one of the The Body Shop Community Fair Trade programme suppliers. 

 Cranberry Joy

 Wintertrend collection and the new juicy & fruity lip gloss

 Jealous of Debby..
She's one of the oldest employees, so she knows incredibly a lot about The Body Shop.

 Nancy is picking the winners of the wishlist contest

 The whole team of the evening! Unfortunately I already went home to rest for my driver's exam next day.

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