Update internship The Body Shop


It's been like 2 months now! I'm sorry for being MIA... But I've been so busy with my internship at The Body Shop and my two part-times jobs in the weekend. My internship is really good and fun. I've got a lot of tasks to do, such as running Facebook, dealing with press, bloggers & goodiebags inquiries, develop vouchers/posters, organise press/bloggers events  etc. And with my supervisor and TBS colleagues, it makes my job much more fun!

Talking about events, the most important time of the year is coming for The Body Shop.They are launching their Christmas&Wintertrend 2012 collection. Which kicks off with press and bloggers events! Yesterday was the Xmas Bloggersevent. It was a hectic day.. Carried a lot of boxes, made the goodiebags and decorated our PULSE shop in Christmas mood in Amsterdam. The whole evening was really fun and cozy. Met some old & new friends, like Roos & Jocelina, and it was very nice to meet Jocelina! I met Roos earlier at another TBS press event, so it was very nice to see her again. So we three were talking about blogging and work. We talked and talked and so they inspired me to blog again!

First things first, I will post some pictures about the Xmas Bloggersevent soon, and I will also do some reviews about The Body Shop products! So please stay tuned & I will keep you posted (for real!)

xoxo Sue