Update week 45

Hi lovelies! 

Hope you all are well. It's been busy period for me, including this week. I already told you that we organised a bloggersevent in Amsterdam. Well, this Wednesday we organised the same event, but this time for bloggers in Antwerp, which was a great success.

I also got my DRIVER'S LICENSE finally after 80 years!! It took me ages, sweat & blood to pass this exam omfg. (For those living in the area Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands should take a look for Autorijschool Cees de Jong if you also want to take driving lessons. He may be old, but he has a lot of experience en he's awesome!) It took me ages because I had some issues with my former instructor. I'm so happy that I passed, so I decided to celebrate it a bit this weekend.

Sitting in train to Antwerp & reading the world-known book: 50 Shades of Grey. 
This book is absolutely my current addiction!

 I had lunch with my supervisor and her friend, which is a Shu Uemura franchiser in Antwerp.
 She has worked with Shu Uemura in Tokyo, how awesome is that! 
Lombardia sells biological different kinds of hot & cold sandwiches, juices and more. 

 This little cafĂ© is the cutest I've ever seen. Can you spot the giant cow in the back?

 Me & the very tasty Funky Chicken sandwich, with a juice of banana and orange. 

 Funky Chickennnnnnnnnnn. 

 Of course, F21. But didn't bought anything. Me and Nancy also went to Urban Outfitters. 
Because we were in a hurry to decorate the store for the event, we only had like 5 minutes
 left to shop in Urban Oufitters. Bought 2 items, and now I miss OU even more.. 
I'm so in love with this store that I decided to go to Antwerp again next week with a friend hihi.

 Nails: OPI The One That Got Away (Katy Perry collection)

My desk at The Body Shop Benelux HQ. It's a MESS I know.
But those who knows me, know that I'm too lazy to keep my place clean.

 Hello my fellow intern Ruchsana. Why so shy? Oh and she works at the CRM&Commercial department.

 My biggest discovery during my internship: White Musk Libertine eau de toilette; amazing smell! 

Awesome books.
 Our entrance: getting in the Christmas mood!

 Xmas gifts 2012. These lollipops are so cute.

 Had a drink with my fellow intern Ruchsana. And yum we love fries. 

 Yum we also love wine! (BTW: my wine red blouse is new from OU)

Later at night, I went for another drink with my other Japanese restaurant colleagues.


 YUM, food! Again!

By the way: I made the pictures smaller, so it isn't in your face anymore. Is the size ok?


  1. Wat een leuk foto overzicht! Ben je bij die ene vegetarische tent gaan eten in Antwerpen? Ben de naam ff kwijt

    En wat zonde dat je niks hebt gekocht bij F21! Als ik blut ben ga ik liever niet binnen want zie ALTIJD wel iets dat ik leuk vind :S

    En The Body Shop kantoor ziet er very beautiful uit en leuke kerstdecoratie ook. Ik vind die White musk ook heel lekker ruiken. Vind vooral die ene in een klein potje handig voor wanneer je reist

    xx Jocelina

    1. Ja, die lunchroom heet Lombardia, zit letterlijk naast Kiehl's!

      Haha, ja sorry.. Het is mijn stijl niet echt denk ik hahha :P

      Oooh Jocelina, heb zin in vrijdag meet ik je weer woohoo :D



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