Happy new year!

31.12.12 Suesue

Hi all,

2012 hasn't been the best year for me, well I can say it has been a sort of transition year for me: I found a very cool internship at a beauty company, I got my driver's license, I got my Nikon J1 for beautiful photos, I love and appreciate my family and friends, including myself more than ever, I become closer to my sister, I am happy single now, I feel more free and down-to-earth and we expect an adorable BB Au to our family!!

Can't wait for 2013 for new adventures to happen! I don't really have a list of resolutions, but the biggest wish for 2013 is that I can study abroad in France or Canada. And I also hope that I can pick up blogging again after my internship. Do you have specific new year's resolution? I would love to read them.

I wish you all a happy, healthy & amazing 2013! 
 Pease be safe with firework!

xoxo Suesue 

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