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The Body Shop & Leona Lewis

26.3.13 Suesue

In case you didn't caught up: the British Leona Lewis is the new Brand Activist for The Body Shop. With their new Cruelty Free Limited Edition Collection by Leona Lewis together with Cruelty-Free International they are fighting to end animal testing world wide. This collection is designed by Leona and gives it a trendy, springy and girly feel. Comes with Shimmer Palettes, White Musk Libertine, Blusher Brush and Lip glosses. Also keep an eye on their new product launches such as the Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash and the Vitamin E Cool BB Cream!

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  1. Tof dat ze activist is! :) Hoe gaatie verder??! X

  2. I saw this! Thought it was such a good idea, really is. Leona Lewis has been one of my favorite singers for a while, she is so stunning! xx


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