Red Cherry Lashes #15, #110, #213, #747S, #747XS

Oh my, I am so in love with these lashes! I did buy cheap fake eye lashes in the past from Ebay also, which comes in 10 pairs for a few euros. But I didn't really except much, the quality is just really bad. The lash band isn't really curved, it didn't really stick well on my lash line and the lashes didn't last for long on my lash line. After one use I didn't mind peeling it of my lash line and throw it away. Also, the lashes were whether too short or too long which didn't really look nice.

But these Red Cherry Lashes I bought from Ebay are so amazing! They are made of 100% human hair and comes with tons of different styles. Who knew that there could be so many different eye lash styles?! You can go for extreme glamorous eye lashes or a very subtle and natural style. In this haul I bought 5 pairs in both glamorous and natural styles: nr 15, 110, 213, 747S and 747XS.

Besides from the looks and style, I really have to say that applying these lashes are much easier than applying those cheap fake eye lashes. Unlike the cheap ones, the lash band is really well curved so that you can literally lay these lashes as close as possible to your upper lash line, without really adjusting the lash band. It also feels lighter and more comfortable than the cheap ones. Another great thing is the super affordable price! I bought and chose 5 pairs myself for €13 inclusive shipping. Which is €2,60 per pair!

For high quality lashes, which you can reuse it if you take good care of it, I think the price is just amazing! I will never buy the cheap synthetic fake eye lashes any more, Red Cherry Lashes is my new favourite!


  1. I've never heard of these lashes before, but they look great! It's a plus that they're cheap, too! Thanks for sharing, I'd definitely check these ones out when there comes a need for me to wear fake eyelashes!


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