Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Frame & Curl Mascara

Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Frame & Curl Mascara
I already loved the other two mascara's of Kiss Me Heroine Make in lengthening and volume and I was quite happy when my mum brought another one of this brand from Hong Kong. The packaging and the brush is different than the other two.

Firstly the brush head is way bigger and it has 3 sides: on one side there is a comb, on the other side there is a large brush and on the tip there is also a mini brush. The application is by those 3 sides: first you use the comb side to comb and put product on your lashes, with the big brush head on the other side you distribute the product evenly on your lashes and also separates the lashes and gives volume and lengthening at the same time. Lastly you want to use the tip of the brush to apply product on your lower lashes and then use the big brush head or comb side again to distribute the mascara evenly on your lower lashes. By using this way, you can achieve a maximum lash length. I find this a wet formula, but it dries quickly. So you need to work fast with this product.

I really like this mascara, just like the other two. But I think the end result is the same. So it's really up to you which brush you prefer. I do prefer this one, because the big brush head gives me an illusion of combing my lashes really well. Even though it has 3 sides/functions of the brush, I do make mistakes which can be a pain in the ass sometimes because of the next subject I will be talking about. And that is that this mascara is really -  really waterproof. Yes, because it's waterproof it holds the curls perfectly well, but on the other hand it's super duper hard to remove!! Even with waterproof make up remover it takes patient to remove. The most effective way for me to remove this mascara is by cleansing oils. But hey, the only mascara that can perfectly hold my curl are waterproof ones. Blame those Asian lashes.So I don't use waterproof daily in particularly, but I only use it when I feel like it. A super mascara, with no clumping, no smudging or smearing. It applies great and effective and it stays perfect until you remove it. Almost forget to mention that the price of this mascara is on Sasa $16USD, which is about €12,50EUR. It's the same price as the drug store mascaras but works so much better!

+ unique brush head for 3 kinds of applications
+ gives incredible length, curl hold, volume and good separation of lashes
+ waterproof - no clumping, smudging or smearing throughout the day

- very waterproof - hard to remove 

Excuse me for my weird angle and make up of the eye pictures - I was in a rush! 


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