L'Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art London Addixion Bubbles Soufflé

L'Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art London Addixion Bubbles Souffle
A hair blow-dry soufflé for weightless volume. Force 3.

Apply evenly to towel-dried hair using a comb or fingers and blow dry in.

My opinion
I got this product in my Christmas package at The Body Shop Benelux when I was an intern. At first I found this a bit weird: what? a yellow soufflé thing that gives volume? It smells a bit like citrus, orangey too. But I'll tell  how I use it and why I love this.

I scoop a tiny amount of product with one finger. At first it feels a bit weird. Like a soufflé, aired-cream-puff texture look a like. And then I apply it on my hair from the ears to the ends with both hands and fingers. The leftover product I massage it into my roots. Then I blow dry my hair like I always do: upside down to create volume. Since I'm Asian, I have very fine, thin hair. If I don't use any products my hair will be flat, so that's why I always use products to create a bit of volume. After the blow dry, my hair looks fuller, thicker and voluminous, without really seeing greasiness or feeling heaviness. My thin hair changed into a more fuller looking hair. What I really like about is that you can't feel or see that I put something in. It feels very natural,  by which you can style it with comfort. The only downfall is that the volume on top of my roots doesn't lasts for long. I struggle with that. Maybe it's also because I have long hair, which weights down my hair. I need to tease or use other products like mouse for lasting volume, which I rarely do on a daily basis. I can't say anything about how this product works on western hair. But I really like that this soufflé makes my bottom part of my hair thicker and volumious. Don't over apply it, otherwise you will see the greasiness. One jar goes a long way. It isn't really expensive either: I saw it online for around €16. I've used 3/4 of the product now, and I will repurchase this!


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