Cutest baby you have ever seen & where has the first half of the year gone?

Where has the first half of the year gone? It went by so quickly! It was mainly because I was an intern at
The Body Shop Benelux, which was pretty hectic and also my second busy semester of study which has gone by so so fast. I can't believe next school year will be my last year, which means I'm going to be a young professional soon!

Well well since the second half of the year started I wanted to bring up my new years resolution to see how I'm doing:

Hi all,

2012 hasn't been the best year for me, well I can say it has been a sort of transition year for me: I found a very cool internship at a beauty company, I got my driver's license, I got my Nikon J1 for beautiful photos, I love and appreciate my family and friends, including myself more than ever, I become closer to my sister, I am happy single now, I feel more free and down-to-earth and we expect an adorable BB Au to our family!!

Can't wait for 2013 for new adventures to happen! I don't really have a list of resolutions, but the biggest wish for 2013 is that I can study abroad in France or Canada. And I also hope that I can pick up blogging again after my internship. Do you have specific new year's resolution? I would love to read them.
I am happy to say that my resolution to study abroad come true!! I'm not going to France or Canada, but South-Korea, which is 100000 times better! If you are interested to follow my study & life as an exchange student in Seoul, South-Korea please follow my Sue in Seoul serie! Here you will find everything that I experience, explained detailed. :)

Next thing was blogging again after my internship. I'm also happy that I picked up blogging again and try to post every other day filled with beauty, lifestyle, photography and Sueiiness! Even though I don't have a lot of followers after 1,5 years of blogging, it doesn't matter. I love blogging about my life experiences and thoughts. My blog is my platform, my output for my creativity, thoughts and photography. I'm already happy that there are few lovely readers who follows me any ways :). I'm holding my first ever giveaway by the way, if you haven't entered yet but you are interested, please click here to enter!

And bb Au is our newest,  proudest and first addition to our family Au! <3

Meet my nephew Tzi Hien: 4 months old, living in Shanghai. Shot by my sister-in-law.

I'm super curious, how are your resolution doing? Please let me know!