Kyoto, Nara and Osaka, Japan

Ok this is going to be a super huge post about my travel in Japan. For anyone who is considering to go to Japan for vacation: GO and visit Kyoto, Nara and Osaka for sure. These cities are truly gorgeous. Perhaps Kyoto is one of the most beautiful city that I've ever visited.. 

I went to Japan with Carita, my roomie and we were there for one week. We went to Kyoto first  and we stayed at Kyoto Khaosan Guesthouse. A little side story about this guesthouse: this guesthouse is really awesome and I would give this guesthouse 5 out of 5. Although the room is tiny, the bunkbeds are comfortable and if you want to hang out you could go to the lounge room which you can also meet other young travellers. This place also provides a lot of detailed travel information. The staff is also young, very nice and speaks good english. The only downside is the wifi sucks. Although they claim they have wifi, there is barely wifi in the room itself and the connection in the lounge room is also poor, escpecially if there is a bunch of people chilling out there. There are some common places where the wifi is better. But okay, you are there for travelling not for the internet. Anyhow, the gueshoust is also perfectly located in center Kyoto. 2 Min walk to a really nice shopping alley. 

Mange here is HUGE. 

Little cheesecake making machine. Didn't buy it though.. 

 DESERTS BABY! These Japanese people are damn good in making mouth watering displays. 

Looks exactly as on the menu and display!

Nijo Castle 

Golden Pavillion 

Lighted up two candles for my mother and family. 

Ok seriously, this is how small the bus seats are in Kyoto. 

Hehe doing jumping poses all the time 

This Pagoda is GORGEOUS! 

Japanese breakfast 

Off to Arashiyama! The traintickets are designed for losing them.. so small. 

The monkeys are so cute! 

Bamboo Forest is pretty as well! 

National Manga Museum 

Expensive boiled crab. Damn delicious though! 

Because the food was expensive we were joking about stealing the chopstick crab holder. On our way to the exit we saw it on sale LOL. 500Yen omg 
Takoyaki delish! 

Soft icecream in so many different flavors. 

Kiyomizu deraTemple 

Saw this couple of times in Japan! Still don't know why the aprons.. 

Fushimi Inari Shrine 

It was a long walk, but worth it!

Onomnomnomiyaki. Just kidding, it's Okonomiyaki - Japanse pancake 

Nara - a little town full of cute deers! 

Soba - buckwheat noodles that requires a dip in the broth

But first, let me try to make a selfie with the deers

Japanese BBQ is all about using all the parts of the cow. Here I was barbecuing a part of a cow's fat. 

Hello Osaka, hello Takoyaki Museum 

Meet Tako! 

Nah, we didn't really go in the park itself.

Best creative life store ever! 

Umeda Building - Floating Garden 

Shibaaa <3 
Osaka Castle 

More Shiba! <3 


More food. Last time okonomiyaki. 

I really would like to go back again in the future. The cities are so beautiful and amazing. The Japanese citizens were also extremely friendly and helpful. Some people would just come up to you to ask if they can help you. 

I Love Japan!