Road trip in Jeju Island, South-Korea

So after my exchange programme finally came to an end, my boyfriend came to "pick" me up in South-Korea! Haven't seen each other for 4,5 month it was a bit awkward in the beginning but I have really missed him. We took a trip to Jeju Island! The holiday destination in South-Korea. A tip I want to share is to rent a car (with GPS)! Jeju is a very big island and since everything is spread out it is much more convenient by car instead of public transportation. 

Jeju was a memorable road trip for us. It is such an amazing island full of nature. We really have enjoyed it! The food, the roads, mountains, waterfalls, landscapes and more. Unfortunately we couldn't visit the lava caves. 

 There was a temple on top of the Mt. Sansangbang, which was very beautiful.