Review • Lee Stafford Sun Kissed Lightening Spray

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As I already mentioned in my previous post my hair got a few shades lighter!

A while ago I wanted something different for my hair so I dyed my hair in a lighter shade with the L'Oreal Creme Gloss. The results however turned out that my hair colour became a few shades darker - almost the black - instead of lighter. Oh I was disappointed and fed up. But then I heard about a lightening spray though the roommate of my sister. At first I was recommended the brand Sun-in, but I couldn't find it in Boots so I went for Lee Stafford...

Lee Stafford's Sun Kissed Lightening Spray infused with citrus, claims to permanently lighten all kinds of hair shades. With one bottle you can create 4 looks: all-over lightening, ombré, highlight and root touch up. You  need to spray it onto towel-dried hair. 

To lighten all-over: spray all over hair, sectioning if required to ensure full coverage
To ombré: Spray onto lower sections of hair
To highlight: Spray on selected strands from root to top 
To touch up roots: Spray onto root area

It also claims that after usage of 3 or 4 times it usually will be enough for the desired results depending on your starting colour. 

So did it work? Yes, it did for me! It's not like it has drastically lightened my hair, but it did in a very natural and subtle way. And especially my starting colour was quite dark, the result became lighter than my original hair colour. I say in a natural way because indoors i don't really notice that much of a difference, but outdoors in the sun or where there is light that hits my hair, it looks so much lighter with a really nice warm glow. The smell is kind of an unpleasant citrus smell, almost chemically, but that's something I want to ignore. The spray does dry out my hair, but I would use some oil or hair masks to nourish my hair again. 


These photo were taken in August or September 2014. This is my natural hair colour:

This is after I dyed my hair in a really dark brown, almost black. 


And this is taken recently after 4 usages of Lee Stafford's Sun Kissed lightening spray. As you can see the lightening spray made my hair a few shades lighter with a very nice warm glow with a red undertone, definitely a "sun kissed" look. 

In conclusion, I really love this product! I think it's ideal for in the summer if you want to achieve a more lighter hair and a sun kissed look, whether it's an all-over lightening, ombre, highlights or even dip dye. You can also even do touch ups on the roots within a few usages. Mine has a bit of a red undertone to it. It's perfect since you have the control on how much you want to lighten your hair by the usage. It does dry out your hair and irritates a bit on my scalp, but it's recommended to use it in between couple of days. And like I mentioned before, apply some nourishing products and you'll be good to go! Another important thing that I want to mention is: by using this product, I get more volume and makes my hair easier to style. I think it's because of the drying factor. 

I purchased mine at Boots for £7.99. Unfortunately not available in drugstores in the Netherlands, but you might try finding it online. There is another lightening spray bij John Frieda though, but it claims it's not recommended to use it on medium brown hair or darker. I secretly want to check that out.. 

Any experiences you had with lightening spray?