Office • Celia Smart Side Zip Boot

I LOVE ankle boots. They are easy to style with anything (dresses, skirts, skinny jeans) and easy to walk in with chunky heels while getting you that female length and touch. 

I have been hunting for a new pair of ankle boots for a while now. I saw these babies but only in black on Office's website. The funny story behind this is that my sister actually bought the black ones in size 6 (EU39, which I was certain of that's my size) and brought them to the Netherlands as my birthday gift. Unfortunately after fitting the new shoes, they were too small and the leather felt too hard so I got my sis to return them. 

When I was in London 1,5 months later, I came across the same shoes, but only in the colour brown, in size 7 (EU40) for 50% off (!!). The brown ones got a discount and the black ones not, obviously because black is a more popular colour. Even though the colour black was my first choice, I just wanted to try them on and it turned out that I fell in love with them! I feel like that the colour dark brown makes the outfit more casual but just as elegant and trendy as the black ones. Also the leather from the display are softer than the actual fresh pairs.

This Celia Smart boot is an elegant heeled boot with a side zip closure and ankle strap fastening. It also has visible stitched panels, a chunky block 9 centimeter heel and a rounded toe. Some may dislike the rounded toe (like my sister), but that makes the shoe more fitting and comfortable for my wide feet. I love the gold zipper and the ankle strap details and the height of the heel. I think these boots are looking really nice with a pair of skinny jeans or army green trousers. In my experiences, walking in them for the first 3 hours is totally comfortable, but after that my feet hurts so much! I guess I really need to break them in or buy an insole. From £85 to £43, that's a pretty amazing deal! 


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