Sue + Sue • New lay-out, name and domain!

Welcome to Sue + Sue! 
I have been blogging on and off for years now (maybe since 2010?) and have always used Sueii92 which consist of my nickname and my birth year, but since I really want to focus more on my blog now I got a new layout, new name and also my own domain (that rhymes!) to look more professional. 

Lay out 
This lay out is called Outfit Light and it is a free Blogger template created by ThemeXpose . I really like this lay out because it's a simple lay out, but really brings out the photography. The best thing about free blogger templates it's you can HTML customise it to your liking but you only have to give credits to the maker or in this case: ThemeXpose. You can remove the credits for a small price. It's easy to install it, but it takes more time to customise it. Since I have zero knowledge of advanced HTML,  Google and ThemeXpose's forum were my best friend! 

Sue + Sue
Together with the new lay out I went with a more professional name instead of Sueii92. I wanted something really personal and unique so I went with Sue + Sue. The reason behind this is really simple, because Sue + Sue = Sue Sue, which is my real name. In my opinion I find this unique, but it's also a catchy name. 
With the new lay out and a new name, I also wanted to get my own domain. I chose for since I am writing for international target group and want to look  more professional. I got my domain name from Antagonist for around €10 a year and it all happened in less than 1 or 2 hours. You guys don't have change anything luckily since will be redirected to

You guys, I'm so excited about my new website and can't wait to inspire you guys more with my thoughts & photography. I hope you like it too and please leave your link in the comments so I can pay a visit to your blog! 

Love, Sue Sue