How to find your perfect Bra?

Working for the high street lingerie brand Hunkemöller is a privilege and with all the knowledge, skills and experience I can call myself a Bra Expert. Hunkemöller is a world wide lingerie brand, with more than 700 stores all over the world. Mostly available in Europe. In store I see so many women come in mostly always wearing the wrong bra, that I am inspired to write a blog post about it. This post is following the EU sizes.

Wrong Bra 
It's not unknown that 80% of the women wear a wrong bra size. And I think it's because one of these reasons:

  • Women think carelessly about bras (Just buy whenever and wear bras until they are super old)
  • Women buy cheap bras (H&M? Primark? Sure it's cheap, but you'll never get an expert's advice)
  • Body changes (weight gain/loss or pregnancy can influence your breasts) 
  • Wrong bra size perception (women or girls think a D or E cup is immediately the size of two watermelons) 
  • Never gotten any expert's advice
  • Wrong bra style (not every style suits every women)
Wearing the wrong bra size on long term can cause headache, breasts stretch out, back pain, red marks, breasts bulge, back bulge, back strap sliding, stomach pain which leads to indigestion, bra gaps and shoulder pain and most importantly: no fully breast support and lower self-confidence.

Finding your perfect bra
Then you ask: "How to find my perfect bra size then, Sue Sue?" 

Well, just like body shapes (straight, apple, pear, hourglass, rectangle etc.) have their own clothing style that suits them the best. Breasts shapes also have their own bra style to fit the boobs the best! At Hunkemöller, we call this: Sexy Comes in All Shapes. There are so many women with so many different kinds of breasts. The 3 factors are:
  1. the breast position (space between your breasts)
  2. breast fullness 
  3. bra cup and band size
Hunkemöller sells exclusively Hukemöller brands and these are based on 4 different styles: 

Plunge, Full Cup, Demi and Balcony. 
From left to right:
1. Plunge: The first one Plunge is on the front mid band very low and goes up very highly, like a teardrop. Plunge has often a push up filling. Great for breasts with a small position (minimum space between your boobs) 
2. Full Cup: Full Cup is an unpadded bra, great for breasts which its volume is more on the lower side. Also great for women with hard to find bra sizes. 
3. Demi: The third one Demi, is the front mid band a bit higher and goes slightly higher compared to the Plunge. 
4. Balcony: Lastly, the Balcony is basically a broad, round, straight cup. Balcony can often be worn as a strapless bra. Great for breasts with a wide breast position. 

I highly recommend to go in store to let your perfect bra size & style measured by one of the Bra Experts of Hunkemöller or on their website (click here)

If there's no Hunkemöller in your area, let your size measured by any experts of any lingerie store. Even though they might don't have these bra specific styles, they do have the expertise to show you your perfect bra size and style.

If you don't want anything of the above , I suggest you to try different kinds of bra styles and size to see which one suits you the best. Do keep the different bra style's characteristics in mind. Not everyone can fit into a Plunge or not everyone can fit into a Demi! These are few tips for how to see if you have the perfect bra: 
  • Check your band width. Let someone put their palm on you back with one hand and let the other hand pull generously on the band. See if the width between is 4 to 5cm. Less than 4,5 cm means it's too tight and more than 4,5 cm it's too wide. Why the 4 to 5cm width? If it's more than 4,5cm, the band is too wide and it will slowly slide up. Your breasts will lean more forward, which won't give fully bra support anymore. 
  • Check your cup fit. If there is breasts bulge, it probably means the style doesn't fit or the cup is too small. If there is gap in the cup, it probably means the style doesn't fit or the cup is too big. Apply the T-Shirt test (wear a t-shirt) to see if you see any breast bulge. 
  • Check your wire. If you push your wires against your skin, it should touch your breastbone. If it pokes in your breast, it probably means the style doesn't fit or the cup is too small.
  • Check your straps. Adjust your straps tightly. It can make a big difference. 
Every breast is different, so if one style fits your friend perfectly, it doesn't mean it will fit you perfectly! 

Lingerie is such an important clothing item for a women. It can give sexiness and self-confidence to a women and attractiveness is everything for men! 

I will write more about lingerie, since I'm really passionate about it! Hopefully it will help you girls in any way! X 


  1. Hello, I accidentally stumbled upon your blog from Google search and I found your blog very interesting, especially this entry about bra sizes. I'm one of those who really don't know anything about the right bra size or what fits me, so this was very interesting to read. Thank you for all the tips you share!


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