Review • Catrice Eyeliner Pen waterproof

L'Oreal Super Slim Liner was the one that I always use, but I wanted to try one that would do the same job, but cheaper. 

 I came across Catrice Eye Liner Pen in waterproof. It was around €2,50 at Kruidvat (Dutch drugstore), which is very cheap. I swatched it at the store and I thought it was pretty good.
It's a Waterproof Eyeliner Pen with felt tip for a precise line. Extra long lasting. Sounds good right? 

This is the tip of the brush.

And here are the swatches.. Swatches have been made after a few uses. 

The first couple times that I have used this, it was still okay: applying went good, the eyeliner stayed put and the colour pay off was good also. But seriously, after maybe 2 weeks of using and I didn't even use that much (!) it's already drying out, so therefore the poor swatches above. 

I don't have anything positive to say than it's a crappy eyeliner that dries out too quickly.

Simple, but short review. Don't have anything else to say about the Catrice Eyeliner Pen in waterproof. 

Any lowbudget felt tip eyeliners you recommend? X 


  1. Couple days ago, I bought this Eyeliner too. And it’s so disappointing bcs it’s not very pigmented. Waterproof? I don’t think so bcs I tested to put a few drop of water then wipe it out and the eyeliner is gone. -.-” Anyway, I just love Catrice products. Some of their products r very good quality. Well, yesterday I just bought Super Black eyeliner from Mistine and it was very cheap than this. It only cost me RM 12 instead of RM 16.90. But Mistine brand is from Thailand. So, I guess it’s pretty hard to find in ur country and u should buy it in online. I always went to Thailand during weekend since it’s very near to my country.


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