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Review • H&M 4-pack Nude Polishes

5.4.15 Suesue

I have posted this on my Instagram before and I like it so much that I wanted to write a review. 

This pack of nude nail polishes cost €5,99 at H&M and you get 4 x 7ml bottles.
 This set includes the following colours (from left to right): Beige Light, Beige, Beige Dark and Pink.

Here are the swatches. I absolutely love these pastel nude colours and are really opaque within 2 to 3 coats which looks so cute and pretty on the nails! For the best result: apply 2 to 3 thick coats (let it dry in between) and let it dry. Optional: finish with a topcoat. They last for about few days and then it will chip, like the most nail polishes.

A little tip to speed up the drying process: let your nails rest in ice cold water for a few moments or let cold tap water run over your nails.

I totally love this set, since it only cost €5,99 and you will get 4 different colours! Even though it doesn't have a lot of product, but hey I have never ever finished a nail polish before, so it's totally worth it! Going to buy more to stock up!

Any lowbudget nail polish brand you totally love? X 

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