Sue + Cooking • Spinach Pasta

Recommended by my boss: the Spinach Pasta! Easy to make, not your average kind of pasta & super delicious! 

- pasta of your choice 
- frozen spinach de la creme 
- minced meat 
- mushrooms 
- bacon bits or mini blocks 
- pack of Boursin cheese 
- shredded cheese 

  1. Cook your pasta following the directions on the packaging 
  2. In mean while, fry the minced meat and bacon mini blocks in a pan 
  3. Add the diced mushrooms 
  4. Short after, put the frozen spinach de la creme in the pan 
  5. Add the pack of Boursin cheese and let it melt 
  6. Add your cooked pasta, give it a good mix and serve it with shredded cheese on top! 
  7. Enjoy your meal!