Sue + Instagram • March 2015

01.03.15 • Dennis and I met up with my best friend Lan Quynh and her boyfriend Henry for dinner. We went to Yokiyo in Amsterdam, which is a Korean restaurant for a la carte and BBQ. Yokiyo is the place when we want to have Korean BBQ. 

01.03.15 • This ring from Kate Spade was gifted to me from my sister as my late birthday present. Kade Spade makes such amazing and unique jewellery. 

Mango jacket • Mango dress • Hunkemöller stockings • Office boots

07.03.2015 • Dare to wear sexy stockings. These are from Hunkemöller and I bought these in sale for €5. I think these are so sexy and unique, because it has 3 see trough stripes on the thighs. It has subtle details compared to the normal black stockings. I even got compliments when I wore them at work! 

 08.03.2015 • Wearing my new H&M Midi Grey skirt in bed and read the brochure I got from River Island no the streets in Amsterdam. Their SS15 collection looks nice!

 08.03.15 • I'm obsessed with the nude make-up looks & nails lately! This 4-pack is from H&M for €5,99.

 09.03.2015 • These are Panda Green Tea cookies my sis got me from the UK. So cute!
12.03.2015 • Went to De 3 Graefjes in Amsterdam on recommendation from Lan Quynh for the American Bakery. We ended having our lunch there: Dennis had chicken burger and I had mexican beef burger. The chicken burger was not that nice, but the mexican burgers was so tasty! We also bought some pies and cupcakes to take away. Their pastries are delicious! 

 14.03.2015 • I rebranded my blog! I took my blog more seriously and decided to give my blog a new lay out, name, logo and also my own domain. It keeps me motivated to keep up with my blog! I run my blog pure out of passion & hobby.

16.03.2015 • The results of Lee Stafford's Lightening Spray! My hair looks especially in the sunlight so much lighter and I love it! Dennis likes my current hair colour and want me to stop lighten my hair even more. 

 16.03.2015 • It's way too cold for bikini weather, but I already bought this set from the Hunkemöller because I love it so much!

16.03.2015 •  H&M coat • Burberry shawl • from Korea tee • Monki jeans • Nike sneakers

 16.03.2015 • First time going to the Hunkemöller headquarters! So big and fascinating.

17.03.2015 • Yummy frozen yogurt. This was a do-it-yourself shop. 

 19.03.2015 • Had some cocktails with a long time no see friend!

20.03.2015 • This was my skin 2 years before and after! One my most popular post about my acne story. 
 20.03.2015 • Went to a bloggers event from The Body Shop about their new body care line. I was an intern at the PR & Marketing department and was excited to see my manager again. Curious about their new line? Click here! 
21.03.2015 • In-laws and boyfriend came to my town for a little peek of my city and my work. We had delicious coffee and pastry at Barista Cafe in Alphen aan den Rijn. 

 21.03.2015 • I'm not only happy about the nice day with my in-laws and boyfriend, but I also really had a very nice day at work! The work and colleagues at Hunkemoller are amazing! So blessed with today!

 22.03.2015 • Nice weather gives me the tingles to paint my nails in a bright spring colour! BarryM Peach Melba.

 23.03.2015 • Tried the Fuji Bath Tea from The Body Shop. So pure!

23.03.2015 • Found this pretty thing in the front yard. Reminded me of my mother that used to do lots of planting in the yard. Love you mamie <3 

24.03.2015 • It was Dennis' birthday! Organised a little surprise day included a delicious Japanese dinner. 

 25.03.2015 • This morning had to wake up early for school and started to feel unwell..
25.03.2015 • So excited for this new line! The Body Shop's Fuji Green Tea Body Care! Click here for a full and detailed post. 

 25.03.2015 • So this is Unagi Don we had during Dennis' birthday. One of our favs!

 25.03.2015 • Also taken at the Japanese restaurant. 'Happiness is a journey, not a destination.' is a quote that I have learned these past years.

26.03.2015 • Went out for dinner with all of the Hunkemöller colleagues. This starter looks so cute & pretty. Unfortunately I didn't feel too well and left after the first course. And turned out I had the stomach flu. Was sick for couple of days, but now I'm getting slowly better! 

Thank you March! I'm feeling blessed with these additional experiences. :)