3 x Thesis tips #antistress

Hi guys,

this is an older post, but I still wanted to post this one! I have written this post when I was conducting my Bachelor's thesis in the Netherlands last year.

8 June 2015. That was the deadline of my Bachelor thesis and I am happy to say that  I have finally turned it in. Thesis is the most important work of a study and one got several months time period to finish the report. It took me  7 months to finish my thesis. As a result, I have received a grade of 7 (out of 10)! So happy, so here are some of my tips on the thesis process which helped me a lot. :)

1. Find a subject that is in your interest 
It sounds so natural, but it's probably the most important tip that I can get: find something in your interests. A company that you like or the type of research you can conduct. It's jackpot when you can have both. Don't only look for the big, but also for the small or even local companies. In the end you have to do a research on something that will be taking for several months, so search one that has your interests so that will keep you motivated and research fun. 

2. It's YOUR research, make something out of it 
It's not your mentor or manager that writes your research, it's YOU! Trust on your own expertise that you have learned the last few years and make something of your own. Be critic to your own research and also to your manager (his priority is probably is own tasks): ask critical questions: why, where, when, how, result, how did you handle it, on what is it based to get a better understand on the subject. Make use of your mentor: he's the one that will be guiding you. Try to think further and broader than you do. 

3. Plan or not to plan: stay calm & don't stress
Figure your work attitude and follow it. If you are a planner, then stick to your plan. Personally I am not a planner but a "go with the flow" type of person. I keep my eyes and ears open for information to be flexible: if I have motivation to write my thesis I will, if not, I don't and relax. No need to get stressed out by something you have control of. Just know your duties and responsibilities at the end of the road and take your time! If you need another 2 months, so be it. Information acquisition and analysing cost time, time and time! Stay focused and if you are lost: go back to your research purposes. The quality of research is priority but make sure to keep the deadline in mind!

I'm sure you will do well! Good luck :)