Beauty Review • Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

I have heard so many great things about the Drying Lotion from Mario Badescu. I was debating whether I should purchase it or not but when I got couple of big zits all of sudden, I impulsively bought the product on Amazon. Soon after purchase I realised I have paid twice as much than the RRP! Oh no, so ripped off. So, I would recommend to purchase it at BeautyBay if you are interested.
DRYING LOTION. This drying lotion from Mario Badescu claimes to be an effective acne spot treatment that will shrink whiteheads virtually overnight. It is said to suitable for all skin types. The instructions are as the following: you don't want want to shake it, use a cotton swab to dip in the pink sediment, apply it to your pimple and let it dry, wash it off the next day.

Ingredients. Isopropyl alcohol, aqua, calamine, camphor, sulfur, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, talc, glycerin, salicylic acid.
£12.50 / 28ml

I tipped my bottle over and spilled 1/3 of product, so sad!
My truth: It works, but slowly and surely not just overnight. Again, I have heard so many great things about this product: "Apply it the night before and it will shrink the life out of your pimple".  I had a huge break out especially on my jaw area and with full of excitement I dotted on every evil pimple with my evil mind 'Go away, you zits!'. The product dries pretty quickly in seconds, but during the evening and night it crumbles a bit off. It smells pretty chemical too, with high dose of alcohol. It is a product that I have never seen or have used before, so I find it pretty fascinating.

Next day when I washed it off, I was disappointed. The whiteheads are still here, while they shouldn't. The pimples kept growing, not shrinking. The same day and even the following days I have applied the product again and again. It works, but very slowly and it surely didn't shrink just overnight. I found out that it helps the healing process faster, but it is no magic product that will 'suck the life out of the pimple' like many other said it does. It does not dry out all of the pimples, rather pimples will keep on growing until the whitehead appears. Then if you pop them, and apply the drying lotion for couple of days, it fasten the healing process. Hence, I found that it works the best with popped pimples rather than closed ones or ones that are still growing. It works very slowly on closed pimples and the very big ones. Some will keep on growing and some do dry out before developing into white heads, but again, it takes a lot of days or maybe few of weeks.

Will I repurchase? I haven't decide it yet. I might want to try other spot treatments before I will repurchase it.