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Marketing MADNESS 1 • Mother's Day at de Bijenkorf

7.5.16 Suesue

Welcome to my new series: Marketing Madness, where I as a marketing nerd share everything interesting related to marketing.

To kick off with this series I want to share something that I discovered on my Facebook. It is a marketing communication campaign by de Bijenkorf for Mother's Day. For you who don't know, de Bijenkorf is the largest luxury, high-end department store in the Netherlands with exclusive locations in the Netherlands.

Here in this video, they have asked children to draw and colour a dream dress for their mother for Mother's Day.  Five actual drawings were chosen by the department store to make real dresses from it. The mothers were surprised in the store with the children's drawing and then they were all dolled up to wear the actual dress. Surprisingly, some of these real dresses are actually incredibly amazing! See how creative children are? My favourite was the last one!

Personally, I really like this campaign since I am blown away by this video. It is very unique and special, as I have never seen something like this before.  They are targeting on the emotional factor and it shows how warm the bond between mother and child can be as well as how beautiful mothers are. On this day, mothers are put in a special spotlight to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day. Additionally, along with the video de Bijenkorf has stated that for any last minute gifts, you can go to de Bijenkorf, as they have the ability to amaze mothers like they did in the video. In conclusion, they have done really well!

Happy Mother's Day! :)

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