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Nike Airmax 90 • Black & Grey Suede

5.5.16 Suesue

Years ago, I perceived Nike Airmax negatively as hardcore or hooligans. I have never really liked them, until my sister-in-law was talking about these shoes. With a prominent bad image, I start re-thinking about the Nike Airmax's image and searched for a pair I liked, that I just wanted to try on to see how these are on me.

I came across one pair out of all other colours and models in Galway Ireland and gave them a try. Surprisingly I really liked them! They aren't as "hardcore" as I thought, but instead they look very nice and cool, especially styled with skinny jeans. However, the width of the shoe was really tight and I felt that maybe my wide feet just didn't fit the particular model, so I gave up.

An unexpected second try was given in Amsterdam and as it was few weeks before my birthday, I finally decided to buy them. The store manager, who was an old classmate from my boyfriend, helped me kindly and recommended a sole that keeps my feet at the back so I would have more space in front and the width problem was solved. Now, I believe it's a matter of breaking them in, but I had no choice back then because it really jammed my feet! The price I paid for these pair was €145.

I reasoned to my best friend as "If you want to wear sneakers, then you need to wear SNEAKERS." Instead wearing the Nike Rosche or similar ones, I would prefer more "statement sneakers". Sneakers that can be seen and are more outstanding.. don't you agree?

This is what they look like! These are the Nike Airmax 90 Black & White Suede. Another colour combination is shown on top. I also really like the top one, however I would argue that the black one is more versatile.
I'm a suede shoe kind of girl, if you don't know me. I am so in love with these shoes! First of all, I think the colour combination, the suede and the ruffle part make the shoe very unique, but definitely wearable with a lot of outfits! Secondly, these are incredibly comfortable and sturdy! I don't notice it when I'm wearing them, but once I wear other shoes for example All-Stars, I immediately feel the major differences. Nike Airmax feels like walking on clouds. My friend was here for sightseeing in London and every 5 minutes she had to stop me from walking too fast. Guys, I am not kidding but I am literally FLYING in these babies! Darn, I'm such a good brand advocate haha.

What are your thoughts on Nike Airmax 90? Do you dislike or like them as well? And if so, what colour way do you have?

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