Clifden Connemara

Sue in Galway • Connemara Roadtrip

20.5.16 Suesue

Doing a road rip in Connemara and Clifden in Galway, Ireland was so mesmerising. We have been on the road for the whole day and saw beautiful landscapes which shows how pure and amazing nature is. This trip meant so much to me. Not only it has created beautiful memories with my loved ones, but it also got me out of my slump. Every time I go to Galway, I realise how free my life is and that I should appreciate all the things that I can do in life: yummy food, mountain views, lol moments, friendly people, delicious cappuccino, rich history and good company. The life I experience there, is the opposite of a big urban city like London or Amsterdam. 

For me, Galway is a lovely, peaceful, free, cozy town with many friendly and happy people.  I'd definitely go back to eat those BLT bagels, steaks and visit Sky Road again! Speaking of which, I am going be in Galway for 2 months soon! So exciting! 

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